Mittwoch, 2. Oktober 2013

Brief von Delane

Am letzten Wochenende war der Künstler und Architekt Delane Bredvik zu Besuch und hat uns geholfen. Später schickte er uns die Fotos und einen Brief mit seinen Tipps zum Projekt. Weil unsere Vorstellungen sehr ähnlich sind und gut zusammengefasst, hier  ein Auszug davon:

"I thought that I may be able to offer thoughts or advice about your project from my art/architectural background, but having listened to some of the plans you have underway, it is clear that you are already on what I consider the best path.  You understand the idea and responsibilities of stewardship and you respect the history of the place.  Gathering photos, drawings, and other texts and documents from the previous owners and from local historical resource groups is perfect.  Documenting now your own process and the beginning of your history with the place with photos and a blog is also perfect.  Inviting students and others in for their thoughts is also great.

With restoration projects, I firmly believe that a very conservative approach that respects the integrity of the structure, that re-uses original materials whenever possible, and that puts back material that is close to the original is best.  Your estate has "good bones."  Part of what your project is doing, is revealing the original "goodness" of the place.  You guys are helping it become "fit" again, in a way, by pealing off all those unnecessary layers and getting back to the bones and muscles.  Part of being conservative at this stage of the project has to do with modesty and not imposing an ego-centric plan onto what already is something very individual and unique.  As parents, I imagine you understand these things, and the fact that you have anther kid, in a way, with your Schloß and that it will need guidance, care, love, respect, and the understanding that it is its own thing already." 

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